“We had already spent a lot of money performing fruitless disinfections with another vendor but Robert Long quickly got to the bottom of the problem.  Once he identified the root cause, we were soon able to get our domestic water systems back on track.”

Director of Facilities (Rehab and Nursing Center, Brooklyn, NY)

“The Department of Health showed up for a surprise inspection and spent over two hours combing through our Water Management Plan and records.  They marked us “Compliant” on all 28 sections.  I can’t begin to say how good that made me feel!  We would never have gotten there without Robert Long’s hard work and professionalism.”

Assistant Director (Cogeneration Power Plant, Brooklyn, NY)  

“Robert Long guided us on improving our domestic water quality.  Supplemental disinfection became unnecessary, reducing our recurring costs and avoiding major capital outlay on equipment.”

Director of Development & Construction (Residential Apartment Complex, New York, NY)

Managing Director (Major Plumbing Contractor, New York, NY)

“Robert Long is a dedicated professional and one of the most well-rounded Water Specialists I have come across.”

"Robert Long successfully identified several water-saving opportunities in our operations.  He enabled us to justify capital projects for achieving substantial reductions in our water and energy inputs.”

Energy & Sustainability Project Manager (Premier Healthcare Facility, New York, NY)

“Vendor accessibility and responsiveness are of utmost importance. Robert Long is an excellent representative – he always answers his phone!” 

Engineering Supervisor, Medical Center (Westchester County, NY)



"Robert Long is an outstanding communicator and a consummate professional in his field.  His easily-understood summary reports are a boon to informed decision-making.” 

Regional VP, Major Residential Realty Company (New York, NY).