Robert Long’s dedication to Water Hygiene spans three decades.  A graduate in Environmental Sciences (Sligo Institute of Technology), he began his career formulating new pharmaceutical products for a scientific company. He later specialized in water treatment sales and service (with GE/BETZ and others). As a Water Treatment Engineer concentrating on Fortune 500 companies (manufacturing, healthcare, residential, commercial, and institutional realty), he gained extensive experience managing the safety and performance of water-related plant assets.

More recently, he has begun focusing on Legionella Risk-Management, assessing & monitoring the safety of potable and utility water systems and providing clients with independent, expert oversight and guidance.  He applies his expertise to reducing corporate liabilities and operational expenditures (e.g. by identifying the simplest, most efficacious approach for minimizing the need for expensive, supplemental, water-treatment systems).

Robert communicates comfortably and effectively across all management levels, from Facility VPs/Administrators, through Directors and Plant Operators.  He is NSF-Certified to develop Water Management Plans and Programs in line with HACCP principles and the ASHRAE 188-2015 standard . And, crucial to today’s need for regulatory compliance, Robert Long is thoroughly familiar with all New York (City & State) and federal regulations governing the management of building water systems.  He is always at his best when there is an urgent, critical need to develop practical solutions for safely and economically remediating and restoring aberrant water systems.

Robert Long is known for his integrity, reliability and knowledge of the water management principles & practices essential for keeping building-water systems safe.  Because he appreciates his clients' burden of responsibility, responding to their concerns is always at the forefront of his work.